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Wolverine X-Men '97 Iron Studios 1/10 Scale Statue Pre-order

Wolverine X-Men '97 Iron Studios 1/10 Scale Statue Pre-order

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Arrives Q3 2024.

Showing his claws coated in the indestructible Adamantium metal, the unconquerable and relentless Canadian mutant hero grinds his teeth and readies himself for battle, contracting his small but powerful body, carrying the same metallic alloy covering his skeleton, like he says, he’s the best at what he does, even though what he does is not always something pleasant. Iron Studios present the statue “Wolverine - X-Men’ 97 - Art Scale 1/10”, presenting innovation in the painting in the form of a specific shading that highlights all the figures from this new collection as if the characters were coming out of the TV to the real world, Iron Studios present the statues from their new X-Men ‘97 line, over a themed base shaped as the “X” of the logo of the super group of mutant heroes.

Kidnapped in the past, the mutant who’s only known name is Logan had his mind erased by an unknown organization. Without any memory of his past, his bones were then coated with the indestructible Adamantium metal. Logan was trained to be lethal, the Weapon X. After escaping the place where he was being kept a prisoner, he was sheltered by Heather Hudson and her husband James, members of the Alpha Flight, a group sanctioned by the government considered to be the Canadian equivalent of the Avengers. After helping him deal with his lost past, as Wolverine he then joined Alpha Flight. Feeling that the Canadians were using him as a weapon, he accepted Professor Charles Xavier’s offer to leave and join the X-Men, a group of mutant peace soldiers that fought for mutant rights. Wolverine has keenly enhanced senses and accelerated healing factor as well as a skeleton and claws implanted with Adamantium. Because of that, Wolverine seems to be younger than he really is. His actual age is unknown, but what is known is that he fought in World War II and seems to be the same age today as he used to be back in that time. This also makes him immune to diseases, drugs, and other toxins.

Released on March 2024, X-Men ‘97 is a new animated series that is a sequel to the 1992 show “X-Men: The Animated Series”, continuing the plot from where the original series ended. After the loss of their leader Professor X, Storm and Wolverine try to continue the X-Men. Magneto arrives and wishes to replace Charles Xavier and Mr. Sinister returns to try to end the X-Men once and for all. Produced by Marvel Studios Animation for streaming service Disney+, the show’s animation was updated in relation to the original series to use a more sophisticated and modern technology, presenting modernized designs. The theme song is similar to the one from the original show, but was credited to Haim Saban and Shuki Levy, musical producers from X-Men: The Animated Series. X-Men ‘97 will be the first project entirely produced by Marvel Studios that is not part of the MCU. The series is also the first X-Men project by Marvel Studios since they got back the movie and TV rights for the characters, and Eric Lewald described the show as an extension of the original series created by the Marvel Studios team. Already available for Pre-Order worldwide, perfectly simulating the looks from the new animated cartoon X-Men ‘97, Iron Studios present this new collection that promises to conquer the hearts
both of collectors and veteran fans from the 90s, and fans from past and recent generations that were captivated by the first series and are looking forward for its
sequel. Revealed on the Inside Iron Studios Day of March, check out the already revealed statues Cyclops, Gambit and Rogue, and other future releases in this collection by Iron Studios!

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