Frequently Asked Questions



1. How much will shipping be for pre-orders?

Generally, we charge shipping at actual calculated cost, passing along all discounts to you, except for books which ship free.  Rest assured that when it comes time to ship you're pre-ordered item, you will be receiving the most competitive carrier rates. We ship from Plainfield, Illinois and package dimensions, weight and distance to you dictate the calculated price, but generally you can expect the following for the US lower 48 states:

 Type of item Urban East or West Coast Everywhere Else
Large statues (1/3 scale) shipped in two boxes such as Prime 1 Studio $225-275 $175-225
Medium statues (1/4 scale) shipped in one box such as Sideshow and XM Studios $50-75 $25-50

Small statues (1/10 scale) shipped in one box such as Iron Studios

$10-20 $10-20

Urban east cost is representative of New York City and surrounding east coast areas, whereas west coast is California, Arizona, Pacific Northwest, etc.  The south and south east coasts are best represented by "everywhere else" cost estimates. Of course these are general estimates and actual cost may vary due to specific considerations for any pieces including additional boxes, larger than typical dimensions, etc.

2. Do you ship internationally?

Our site does provide estimated international shipping in cart at checkout; however, discounts vary widely depending on the item and destination country.  We suggest you contact us if purchasing internationally so we can provide the most precise estimate to offer you the most competitive rate.

Unfortunately for most pre-order items, we cannot provide an estimated cost unless the item is nearing it's estimated arrival date as generally by then we will have packaging dimensions.  Contact us for an estimate.

3. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer payment plans for instock (and nearing arrival POs) inventory for up to three months and farther out pre-orders for up to six months.  The duration is subject to the purchase amount, but any large statue purchase will qualify for our longest duration.  The payment plans are interest free and the product ships after paid in full.  Shipping is due with the final installment.  In the event of cancelation, the balance paid is refundable subject to the items nonrefundable deposit at PO if specified or our general 10% NRD (applicable to both preorders and instock for payment plans).  We prefer Zelle, PayPal or Venmo for payments on payment plan.  If you are interested in a payment plan on an item, please contact us via the contact form on the site or at service.superherolounge@gmail.com.