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Venom Marvel Gameverse Classics 1/10 Scale Statue Pre-order

Venom Marvel Gameverse Classics 1/10 Scale Statue Pre-order

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Available Q1 2025.

Premium Collectibles Studio is proud to present the Venom 1:10 Statue, the latest installment in our Marvel Gamerverse Classics line. The Venom 1:10 Statue is fully sculpted in a dynamic fighting pose, his massive frame flexed and ready for action. When you're paired with a sentient alien symbiote you never have to go into a fight alone. Venom also includes a symbiotic proximity accessory as an extension to his super-powered suit making him a formidable foe to any would be crime-fighter who dares to get in his way. The Venom statue is depicted in his classic black and white look, with a disgusting green slime deco to add some pop to his gruesome grin! Add some symbiotic style to your collection and pre order the Marvel Gamerverse Classics - Venom 1:10 Statue by PCS today!

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