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Amazing Spider-Man Hardcover Comic Omnibus Vol 5 [Kane DM Var]

Amazing Spider-Man Hardcover Comic Omnibus Vol 5 [Kane DM Var]

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Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus HC Vol 05 Kane DM Var

(W) Gerry Conway, More (A) Ross Andru, More (CA) Gil Kane Spider-Man's amazingly popular omnibus line continues with the storyline that shocked the comics world: Peter Parker's deceased beloved, Gwen Stacy, shows up on his doorstep - kicking off a mind-bending clone saga that would last for decades! The scheming Jackal lines up a murderers' row of foes to take on Spider-Man: Tarantula, Scorpion and Spidey himself! The Punisher sets his sights on Spidey in an adventure guest-starring the X-Men's Nightcrawler! J. Jonah Jameson finally gets the goods on Spider-Man's secret identity! Doc Ock, Hammerhead, Kingpin and the Molten Man are on hand to menace Spidey, but it's not all bad guys for our hero - as romance blooms between Peter and Mary Jane, and Nova teams up with Spider-Man! Collecting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963) #143-180 and ANNUAL #10-11 and NOVA (1976) #12. Rated T

 Gerry Conway
 Ross Andru
 Gil Kane
 Full Color
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