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Shredder Deluxe TMNT 1/3 Scale Statue

Shredder Deluxe TMNT 1/3 Scale Statue

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From PCS Collectibles. Premium Collectibles Studio presents the Shredder 1:3 Scale Statue. The Shredder Statue measures 27" tall and 24.5" wide. The leader of the Foot Clan stands defiantly atop a crumbling scene littered with the armaments of his foes. Each blade on the ground, a symbol of Shredder's unrelenting strength. Shredder's armor and signature claws are sculpted in great detail, showcasing the distressed quality expected from a battle-hardened warrior. The Shredder 1:3 Scale Statue - PCS Deluxe includes an additional swap-out portrait featuring a battle damaged helmet, offering a terrifying glimpse behind the mask at the man once known as Oroku Saki. This portrait also features a unique eye deco to add a greater sense of the duality of this timeless super-villain.  Add some edge to your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collection and bring home the TMNT Legends - Shredder 1:3 Scale Statue - PCS Exclusive today!

Two large boxes.  Hand written carton numbers may not agree.

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