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Poison Ivy Gotham City Sirens Deluxe 1/10 Scale Statue Pre-order

Poison Ivy Gotham City Sirens Deluxe 1/10 Scale Statue Pre-order

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Arrives Q1 2025.

Gotham’s Queen of the May in a new statue by Iron Studios! 

Over an old and decomposed wooden floor, the beautiful and seductive redhead psycho-eco-terrorist slides over a huge mutant vegetable tentacle, covered by big spikes, connected to a carnivorous flower filled with fangs, another creation of her insanity. Tied to the interplanetary force known as The Green, she has supernatural control over the life of plants and, wearing an emerald dress decorated with purple and red flowers, her ability to emit pheromones that can control minds make her one of the most dangerous supervillains. Over a base filled with loot such as doubloons and gold bars, a doll of her best friend and recurring ally Harley Quinn, kittens that are a reference to another protagonist of the city, etc., Iron Studios present the statue “Poison Ivy (Gotham City Sirens) Deluxe - DC Comics - Art Scale 1/10”, inspired by the Gotham City Sirens comic books reimagined by Iron Studios.

Iron Studios also bring a regular version of the statue “Poison Ivy (Gotham City Sirens) - DC Comics - Art Scale 1/10”, with the supervillain over a base of plants, 
flowers, and green tentacles, over a rotten wooden floor.

Dr. Pamela Isley, better known as Poison Ivy, belongs to a group of supervillains which compose Batman’s rogue’s gallery. Driven by an obsession for plants, botany, and extremist environmentalism, with the desire to save the world from the evils of men at any cost, Pamela is a genius scientist and a metahuman with a hybrid plant DNA, using mutant plants, pheromones, and toxins from plants and from her own blood for her criminal activities. Completely conscious about her beauty, enhanced by pheromones and a unique biology, Poison Ivy is portrayed as a seductive sociopath who believes her duty is to protect The Green, although her methods are destructive. The only person by whom Ivy shows genuine affection is Harley Quinn, with whom she developed a special relationship in which they are both portrayed as partners in crime, friends, and sometimes lovers. Created by Robert Kanigher, she first appeared in Batman #181, in 1996. Kanigher created Poison Ivy inspired by model Bettie Page, giving her the same haircut and southern accent. Pamela studied advanced botanical biochemistry in college together with the scientist Alec Holland, who later had his consciousness and memory tied to the Swamp Thing, and was instructed by Dr. Jason Woodrue, who became the 
supervillain Floronic Man. Woodrue was the one who injected Isley with the venom and toxins in an experiment, causing her transformation.

In the comic books, the Gotham City Sirens series was published between 2009 and 2011, written by Paul Dini. In the series, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley 
Quinn are forced to join forces to protect themselves, now Iron Studios present a new original collection reimagining the characters. Revealed on the Inside Iron 
Studios Day of April, and available for Pre-Order, check other future releases by Iron Studios revealed on their social media.

License: DC Comics
Scale: 1/10
Dimensions: 25,5 cm (H) X 14,3 cm (W) X 14,9 cm (D) | 10” in (H) x 4,1” in (W) x 5,8” in (D)
Weight: 1,2 kg/ 2.6 lbs

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