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Mumm-Ra Decayed Form Deluxe Thundercats 1/10 Scale Statue Pre-order

Mumm-Ra Decayed Form Deluxe Thundercats 1/10 Scale Statue Pre-order

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Arrives Q4 2024.

The evil mummified priest from the Third Earth in a new statue by Iron Studios!

Coming out of his millennial sarcophagus, the grotesque ancient undead mummified sorcerer with bluish-gray skin and red eyes, slowly moves with his body partially enfolded in bandages and covered in a crimson cloak! With atrophied hands and a terrifyingly insane smile in his hideous face, his evil mind plans the next steps of conquest, either by manipulating and using his animalistic minions Mutants from the planet Plun-Darr, declared enemies of the ThunderCats, or in his more powerful and pharaonic form known as the “Ever-Living”. On top of a raised platform of his Black Pyramid from the darkest corners of the planet called Third Earth, the frontal part of his base presents a miniature of his sarcophagus, guarded from both sides by sculptures of ancient deities, adorned with the stairs of the villain’s millennial building. Iron Studios present the statue “Mumm-Ra Decayed Form Deluxe - ThuderCats - Art Scale 1/10”, with the biggest archenemy of the feline from Thundera in his decrepit and decayed form.

A regular version of the statue “Mumm-Ra Decayed Form - ThuderCats - Art Scale 1/10”, with only the figure of the eternal and diabolical priest from Third Earth, over an octagonal flat base with rocky aspects, reminiscent of the interior floors of his Black Pyramid.

Alive for over thousand years on the Third Earth, possessor of mystic powers tied to sorcery, and an apparent unlimited lifetime, Mumm-Ra presents the features of an Egyptian deity, living inside of a mysterious black pyramid, in which there is a central room with a magic cauldron, four giant statues of the Ancient Spirits of Evil, and his sarcophagus, where Mumm-Ra recovers his energy. When he’s inside the pyramid, he keeps his old and decayed form. However, by invoking the powers of the four entities known as the “Ancient Spirits of Evil”, his bandages rip and he transforms, gaining muscles, height, and near unlimited powers, with the appearance of a giant pharaoh. Using his helmet and a symbol on his chest in the shape of two interconnected serpents, he has great mystic powers tied to sorcery, but when looking at the hideous reflex of his image, he loses his strength and must go back to the Pyramid, where he returns to his original mummy form. Mumm-Ra wishes to possess the “Eye of Thundera”, a gem of power, the source of power for the group of feline hero survivors from planet Thundera, to expand his strength and his domain.

One of the most successful animated series from the 80s, ThunderCats was produced by Rankin/Bass with 3 Seasons and 13 Episodes. Presented on the Inside Iron Studios Day of March and already available for Pre-Order, Mumm-Ra Deluxe expands the collection of statues of the line based on the characters created by Tobin “Ted” Wolf, after the already individually released ThunderCats heroes and the Mutants villains which form a diorama set. Check out soon the release of the statue “Lion-O Battle Ver. - Thundercats - BDS Art Scale 1/10” by Iron Studios

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