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Michael Jordan 1/4 Scale Statue Pre-order

Michael Jordan 1/4 Scale Statue Pre-order

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Pre-order now! Available Q3 2024.  Free shipping to lower 48 states.

From PCS Collectibles. Premium Collectibles Studio presents the Michael Jordan 1:4 Scale Statue, paying homage to the legendary basketball icon who changed the game forever with his record-breaking talent and ambition. Measuring 26" high and 8.5" wide, the fully sculpted Michael Jordan 1:4 Statue perfectly recreates the iconic star soaring towards the hoop with his unparalleled athletic ability. This statue reaches new heights with its unmatched detail and a distinctive graphic base, emulating the Chicago Bulls court that Jordan called home for 13 seasons. Jordan's highly detailed Chicago Bulls uniform and iconic Nike Air Jordan V sneakers are modeled with realistic textures that stay true to the original designs. There's no competition when it comes to the intricate sculpting and hyper-realistic paint detailing of this piece. Elevate your collection to GOAT status and get a jump on the Michael Jordan 1:4 Scale Statue today!

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