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Queen Studios

Iron Man Mark 85 Queen Studios 1/2 Scale Statue - Damaged - Figure Only

Iron Man Mark 85 Queen Studios 1/2 Scale Statue - Damaged - Figure Only

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This is a salvage listing.  The item is only the Iron Man figure along with the large backpack swap out.  Most the Iron Man figure is in one box and it ships in its factory shipper and art box.  The figure is complete and good condition - no significant wear other than normal manufacturing variation (small scratch, paint, etc).  The large backpack swap out will ship separately in a regular box. The electronics are untested because it’s powered through a connection in the foot to the base which is damaged and not included  

Note, we also have the base and related shipper and art box.  The base was terribly damaged. The top half of the rock section is intact but it's separated from the bottom of the base and there are various chunky parts and many shattered parts to the base.  It's unsalvageable, but if you are handy with these things, the top half of the rock section, which has the statue mount keys could possible be modified and remounted to a bottom.  It's not included in this listing but if you are interested, let us know and we will ship it to you at cost of shipping only (i.e. free).  We have the shipper (bad shape) and art box as well.  We estimate about $200 because it's a large box, but ask for a quote.  We have pictures as well that we can send if interested - contact us  

Ships to US lower 48 states only.  Below is the Queen Studios description of the item if useful to confirm the original item salvaged here.

The Mark 85 is Tony Stark’s final edition of the Iron Man armor. After the tragedies that occurred in Avengers: Infinity War, Tony put together the MK85. The armour utilizes nanotechnology, which grants Stark immense versatility, and is an amalgamation of its awesome predecessors. But its sole purpose is to stop Thanos once and for all.

Queen Studios’ Iron Man MK85 is a 1/2 scale movie accurate replica of Stark’s ultimate armor. Intractely designed with the iconic red, gold and silver trim, Iron Man is ready for action. The "battle ready pose" sees the Mark 85 facing forward, right knee lifted and repulsors aiming at their target. The bottom of the base reflects the plinth used for the time heist in Endgame.

To make the MARK 85 as close to the original as possible. Queen Studios’ artists have added two special features. The first is the addition of internal lighting. One in each of the eyes. The other in the arc reactor. The second is the addition of six energy-absorbing panels on the back of the suit. Together, these features create a piece that will stand out in any collection.

  • License: Marvel 
  • Material: Polystone
  • Size: 55cm (L), 52cm (W), 115cm (H), (Height with Back Repuslors 122cm)
  • Edition Size: 520
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