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Iron Studios

Indiana Jones 1/10 Scale Statue Pre-order

Indiana Jones 1/10 Scale Statue Pre-order

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Arrives Q1 2025.

The greatest adventurer archeologist hero gets his statue by Iron Studios!

Inside a temple in ruins, an ancient construction equipped with many secret traps, the brave adventurer and hunter of ancient treasures continues to break through the 
darkness with a torch in his left hand, while also ready for danger as he wields his Colt revolver in his right hand. Wearing his traditional dark brown leather jacket over a stone-colored shirt, brown pants held by a belt, and his inseparable high-crowned and wide-brimmed Fedora hat, he also always carries a leather shoulder bag with the strap beneath his jacket to store the spoils of his expeditions. He also wears brown boots and a belt that holds the holster of his gun and his whip. On a diorama base filled with references of his adventures on the big screen, such as the Chachapoyan Golden Idol, the dart-trap stones from the Temple of the Warriors Chachapoyan, the huge classic spherical rock trap, the angels from the lid of the Ark of the Covenant, the skull with the legendary Sankara Stones in its eyes, the mine cart from one of his escapes, his father’s hat, the Holy Grail and other fake ones, a Naja snake at his feet, and much more. Iron Studios proudly present their statue “Indiana Jones - Indiana Jones - Deluxe Art Scale 1/10”, Iron Studios’ first release of the greatest archaeologist hero in pop culture!

Iron Studios will also bring a regular version of the statue with a simpler base, the statue “Indiana Jones - Indiana Jones - Art Scale 1/10”, featuring the hero on the floor of the Temple of the Warriors Chachapoyan with one of the dart-launching trap stones and a Naja snake at his feet.

A professor of archeology, adventurer, and protagonist hero of a successful franchise composed of five feature films, games, a TV series, theme park attractions, comics, and collectibles, Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr., or as he is better known, Indiana Jones, works as a part-time university professor at Marshall College and is a profound connoisseur of ancient history. Fearless in the face of danger, Indiana, or Indy as he is called by his closest friends, explores the world in search of rare artifacts and priceless treasures, even those suspected of having mystical or magical properties. His quests often place him in dangerous situations, having to confront villains who seek to seize priceless treasures for personal gain or malicious plans of conquest and power. Despite his courage, Indy is ophidiophobic, and the only things he fears are snakes. He is an efficient fighter and skilled horseman, known for carrying a whip that he uses both as a weapon and as a tool in various improvised actions, and often carries some kind of firearm during his adventures, usually a revolver, and a bag with the strap beneath his jacket to store his found treasures. Created by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg in homage to the action heroes of the 1930s, and portrayed by Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones has become one of the most famous characters in cinema. In 2003, the American Film Institute ranked him as the second greatest film hero of all time.

License: Indiana Jones
Scale: 1/10
Dimensions: 25,6 cm (H) X 12,6 cm (W) X 16,2 cm (D) | 10” in (H) x 4,9” in (W) x 6,3” in (D)
Weight: 500 g/ 1,1 lbs

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