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Captain America One 12 Collective Mezco Action Figure Pre-order

Captain America One 12 Collective Mezco Action Figure Pre-order

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Arrives Q4 2024.

Marvel's Captain America returns to the One:12 Collective in Silver Age glory! Inspired by his classic comic book appearance, the One:12 Collective Captain America wears his signature red, white, and blue uniform with a star emblem on his chest. He features three interchangeable head portraits with varying expressions, including a fully unmasked Steve Rogers portrait paired with a pulled down mask that displays around his neck. The Super-Soldier wields his iconic indestructible shield that can be worn on his forearm, on his back, or attached to the posing post, complete with two interchangeable straps and multiple FXs. Rounding out Captain America and ripped right from the Silver Age comics is the "Madbomb"-the insidious weapon he must find before it destroys the world. Each One:12 Collective Captain America - Classic Edition figure is packaged in a collector friendly box, designed with collectors in mind.   

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