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Raven Teen Titans 1/10 Scale Statue Pre-order

Raven Teen Titans 1/10 Scale Statue Pre-order

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Available Q4 2024.

The gloomy Raven from the Titans gets an exclusive statue by Iron Studios!

Above a vortex of dark purple energy made of condensed spirits from another dimension, the titan hero fuses her body to the energy, which takes the shape of a
long cape connected to her body and opening like big wings, from which black ravens appear flying, like spells cast by her with open arms. Bringing an extra interchangeable head, without the hood, totally revealing her beautiful face, but with her stern and ominous countenance, chosen by fans and collectors, Iron Studios bring the statue “Raven - DC Comics series #8 - Art Scale 1/10”, the mystic and powerful half-human/half-demon hero, founding member of the group of heroes known as the New Teen Titans.

Daughter of the human Angela Roth with the interdimensional demon Trigon, fearing what her father had planned, Angela ran for Azarath, an interdimensional realm that exists between the known planes of reality. Renamed as Arella and, outside of Trigon’s reach, she gave her daughter the name Rachel. With time, the monks from that realm taught Rachel to control her powers and overcome her father’s influence. When Trigon found Rachel, she ran away from Azarath to Earth to protect her mother and masters. However, impressed by her innate skills, Trigon allowed Rachel to have free will and shape her destiny, giving her a seat on his throne and renaming her Raven. Later, Raven freed herself from her father’s influence and became a member of the New Teen Titans next to other young heroes.

Raven has a bunch of unique abilities. It was noted by Trigon that she only uses a small fraction of her power, if she frees the entirety of her inner demon, she can reach near infinite power. Thanks to her mystic and demonic heritage, Raven can generate and control the magic and mystic forces at her will. She claims she is even stronger than a demon lord like Neron, which was proved right after when Neron himself rapidly surrendered when faced with a puff of her power.

Already available for Pre-Order and revealed during the Inside Iron Studios Day of February 2024, Raven is another release from DC Comics Series #8 by Iron Studios, which already has statues such as Batman Beyond and Blue Beetle. Check out many other legendary DC Comics characters soon in new Iron Studios statues!

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