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Optimus Prime Transformers Statue Bust Pre-order

Optimus Prime Transformers Statue Bust Pre-order

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Pre-order now! Available Q2 2024.  Free shipping to US lower 48 states.

Introducing the Optimus Prime Mechanic Bust from Flame Toys' Unix Square series! This meticulously crafted bust stands at approximately 6.3 inches and weighs around 1lbs, offering a substantial and captivating addition to your collection. The dynamic features of this Optimus Prime bust include movable head and waist for customizable display poses. Impressively, the head, shoulders, arms, and body armor are all openable, providing an intricate look into the mechanical details. The eyes feature a striking blue LED lighting effect, adding a touch of realism to the iconic character. What truly sets this piece apart is the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, boasting seven modes and three colors of LED lighting effects. Users can choose between breathing light mode and steady light mode for each color, creating a mesmerizing display as the breathing light gracefully transitions between red, purple, and blue. Flame Toys brings forth a stunning combination of artistry and technology in this Optimus Prime Mechanic Bust, offering a unique and visually captivating experience for collectors.

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