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Ginrai Transformers Masterpiece MP-60 Action Figure Pre-order

Ginrai Transformers Masterpiece MP-60 Action Figure Pre-order

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Available Q2 2025

Jinrai, who played a significant role in the 1988 animated TV series "Transformers: Super-God Masterforce," is now available as a commemorative item for the 100th Masterpiece (inclusive of limited editions). The Cybertron commander "Jinrai," who topped our Masterpiece series commercialization survey (as per our own research), is finally hitting the market! This figure faithfully reproduces the toy mechanism from back in the day. When you transform the included Godmaster into an engine part and attach it, the lock is released, allowing the model to seamlessly shift from trailer truck mode to robot mode. In robot mode, not only can you move the limbs, but you can also tilt the waist forward, left, and right, and rotate it. The Godmaster figure can be transformed into iacons! It melds with the front grill part of the trailer, replicating the early toy's feature of transforming into a robot. The instruction sheet is a special booklet commemorating the 100th Masterpiece (including limited edition items).

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